Amboseli National Park

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Amboseli National Park lies on Northwest of Mt. Kilimanjaro on the border with Tanzania. Due to its densely populated flora and fauna it has been designated as an International Bio- Sphere reserve. The park covers 400 km2 of plains redeemed by the stunning spectacle of Kilimanjaro towering over it. The snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro rising above a saucer of clouds dominates every aspect of Amboseli.

Over 53 species of herbivores and carnivores can be viewed with ease, the troops of over one thousand elephants who range the plain and wallows make it the most conspicuous spectacle. Amboseli national park is a home to many animals including, gerenuks, impalas, gazelles, hyenas, baboons, buffalo, rhino and over 425 different bird species.

The wildlife viewing is great all year round.The Amboseli area includes the Amboseli and Chyulu Hills National Parks, as well as large Maasai communities and wildlife sanctuaries. This is a very busy park because of its proximity to Nairobi and ease of reaching the many lodges/hotels built in and around the park.

Major Attractions

The snows of Kilimanjaro, white and crystalline, form a majestic backdrop to one of Kenya’s most spectacular displays of wildlife – lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, cheetah, buffalo and hosts of plains’ game, creating Kenya’s most sought after photographer’s paradise.

Amboseli is not a large park, but it offers you the best opportunity of seeing endangered black rhino,

Best time to visit

All year round.

Getting to Amboseli

By Road: The main road into the park is from Nairobi via Namanga (240 km) on the Nairobi-Arusha Road, via Meshanani Gate. The road is tarmaced up to Namanga but is murram from Namanga to Meshanani Gate (75km).

The other road is via Emali (228 km) on the Nairobi- Mombasa Road. The road is tarmaced up to Emali and murram from Emali to Remito Gate (64 km) Access from Mombasa is mainly through Tsavo West via Kimana (Olkelunyiet) Gate.

By Air: The Park has an airstrip at Empusel gate. There is also an airstrip for light aircraft at the Park Headquarters (Olekelunyiet). Other airstrips exist at Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge and Namanga town.

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